Acoustical Ceiling or Drywall Ceiling?

Basement Ceiling Options

Acoustical ceiling or drywall ceiling?

When finishing or remodeling a basement you’ll be faced with many choices. One of those choices will be how to finish the basement ceiling. The most common 2 choices presented to homeowners are either drywall or acoustical ceiling which is most times  referred to as drop or suspended ceiling.  Both ceiling types offer many pro’s and con’s and this article will try and explain them for you.

A Drop ceiling offers the ability to cover pipes and wires without having to expensively relocate them.  It also provides easy access to any valves or junction boxes that might need to be accessed in an emergency or for future renovations. With a drop ceiling you’ll have unlimited access to the ceiling  above for future needs. Installed drop ceilings cost more per square foot than drywall but after figuring in the costs to relocate wires and pipes in order to install drywall, drop ceilings are usually the more cost effective option but your situation may be different.

Drop ceilings don’t have to look bad or remind you of the doctors office either. There are numerous choices for different ceiling grids and tiles.  Some tiles  are even made to look like coffered wood work and other intricate patterns. When working on your basement ceiling we can also install any kind of lighting including highhats or pendant lights.

Drywall ceilings are usually the more popular choice and what you see in most Long Island homes . Many people find that a drywall ceiling looks better than a drop ceiling.  A drywall ceiling will offer you the most amount of ceiling height too.  If there are no pipes or wires in the way a drywall ceiling can be cheaper.

With a drywall ceiling you lose quick access to items above the ceiling. If there is a leak from a bathroom or a kitchen above you will have to cut out damaged drywall, install a new piece. Spackle the repair and then paint the entire ceiling. With a suspended ceiling you would just replace a tile or 2.  If you ask most home builders or remodeling contractors what they’ve installed in their own homes you’ll probably be surprised to find many choose to go with the drop ceilings for this very reason.

South Shore Remodeling has installed over 75,000 square feet of acoustical ceilings throughout Long Island homes. We are the go to Acoustical Ceiling Contractor serving the Long Island area. We can help you choose which ceiling will be the best option for your basement finishing project.


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