Aging In Place Bathrooms

Aging In Place Bathrooms Nassau County, Long Island.Handicap Accessible or Aging in Place bathrooms are quickly becoming a popular home improvement in Nassau County, Long Island.  Grab Bars, Barrier Free Showers and Flip down Shower Seats are especially useful for the elderly or people who have mobility issues.  Many people don’t realize that bathrooms can be a very dangerous place for elderly, or physically challenged individuals.

To enjoy a bathroom in private, somebody must be able to stand up, sit down, climb in and out of a tub or shower and in the case of a bathtub, rise from a seated position.  These are all difficult tasks for a handicapped or elderly person with mobility issues.  The desire for independance and to preserve their dignity sometimes drives people to do things, they really shouldn’t and it compromises their safety.

This is why injuries from a fall in the bathroom, or a slip on a wet floor are quite common among our aging population and they really are a preventable occurence.  Don’t let your loved ones, or family members suffer with these issues that may affect them.  South Shore Remodeling takes this type project very seriously and our intention is to make your bathroom as safe as possible.

Grab bars, Chairs, Railings and More are available to us and we can securely install them into your bathroom.  Accessibility and independance are important to you and your loved ones but it’s also important to have a professional come out and look at your project so it’s all done right.

If you or a loved one needs to have more accessibility and independance in their life than you should consider the value in an aging in place or Handicap Accesible Bathroom.

South Shore Remodeling can guide you through this project better than anyone else.  We’ve built many handicap bathrooms for Nassau County homeowners and there isn’t a problem we can’t overcome with a sensible solution to make your home better and safer for you and your family.

Handicap Bathrooms Construction Services:

  • Barrier Free Showers
  • Grab Bars and Railing
  • Seats (mounted to wall)
  • Walk-in Tubs
  • Roll-in Showers

Transforming your current bathroom into a safe and accessible place is what South Shore Remodeling does best. An aging in place or handicap accessible bathroom will improve the quality of life for those who need it, and make their home more comfortable and enjoyable.

If you’re a homeowner seriously wanting a change and your ready to start speaking with potential contractors for your bathroom remodeling project, please give us a call or fill out our form to request your estimate.

South Shore Remodeling has plenty of experience design and remodeling custom bathrooms that serve a specific purpose for their owner and we’d love to have the opportunity to transform your bathroom so it’s better suited for yourself or a loved ones needs.

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