What Does Basement Finishing and Remodeling Cost?

Basement Finishing Costs on Long Island.

This has to be the number one question our clients have when they contact South Shore Remodeling to finish their basement. Most just dont realize how much effort, material and professional finesse goes into Finishing a Basement in Long Island. Basements are generally large areas of your home full of all sorts of obstacles that have to be worked around.

Basement Finishing Is Priced By The Square Foot

If you look around for average basement finishing costs Long Island homeowners generally pay somewhere between $30 – $65 per square foot of finished basement.


So for example a 600 square foot basement finishing project might cost the homeowner between $18k-$39k to create the additional space.  The price will go up as the scope of the project increases and the material choices get more luxurious. Like any other remodeling project details and materials will greatl affect the final project cost.

A basement finishing project on average is generally half the price it would cost you to build an extension or addition onto your home of the same size.  So if you really need the space then a basement remodel is generally the first choice.  Basements also offer a great ROI on your investment compared to that of a kitchen or bedroom.

Basement Finishing Is More Expensive Than I Thought

I know what your saying- “WOW Thats alot . . . . alot more then what I heard others have spent”.

Basement Remodeling Cost Estimates.Why do I say this? Simple, everybody has a neighbor that had a “guy” finish his basement for half that price or a “buddy” that said he would do it for $5,000 if you buy the materials. Then there’s the person who says if I do it myself I can do it for alot less- Of course you can! Everything is cheaper if you do it yourself.  But if you want a high quality finished basement it’s not a DIY project.  The scope of the project usually goes well beyond what the average home owner wants to endure and you certainly don’t want to trust the job to some “guy” or a “buddy” who might never get the job finished in any reasonable amount of time.

How many times do we see on some tv show or read in the paper that someone got ripped off or the work was poorly done and they’re having nothing but problems now. How many times have you heard that a simple 3-4 week project took 6 months or the so called ” contractor” never came back and wont answer calls? These are most often the people who hired the lowest bidder! They were shopping for their basement finishing project by price alone. We all price shop- especially with todays economy but there are ways to save costs when working with a professional too, that won’t come back to bite you.

Stear clear of the carpenter/contractor who says he does the electric and plumbing himself. In Long Island you actually need to have both a licensed plumber and electrician complete the required work on your basement.

Think about this for a second . . .Do you really want the cheapest guy wiring up your home? We probably don’t need to remind you that bad wiring and electrical is a safety hazard, not to mention a major fire hazard. What about coming home to sewage leak in your brand new basement? All because the “I do everything guy” didn’t use the proper pipe glue?  These are real experiences homeowners have had that we’ve worked with.

I understand a good contractor usually costs more than you want to spend, most things worth having normally do. So lets look at this another way. Would you hire a brain surgeon based off the lowest price? I wouldnt either. One wrong move like removing a column, cutting a beam or chopping out a footing could cause the home to collapse and you’re in for a very expensive repair bill.

When you hire South Shore Remodeling for your Long Island Basement Finishing Project you are hiring a General contractor as well as an experienced carpenter. We are not paper pushers (the worst part of my day is the paperwork) I am on the job every day.

We utilize sub contractors who specialize in what they do. This means less problems and superior quality. Basement remodeling can involve alot of different trades- carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, drywall finishers and painters. All of this needs to be organized by someone who understands the finer details of construction to keep the project on time and under budget.

We’ll answer the phone when you call, provide you with the best quality available, and offer you the professionalism you deserve.

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